FALL 2015 Registration

Three Ways to Register:

  1. In person at the Registrar's Office (click here for hours) beginning March 30, 2015.
  2. By Mail/Fax 24 hours a day beginning March 30, 2015.
    Mail to: Asnuntuck Community College, Registrar's Office, 170 Elm Street, Enfield, CT 06082
    Fax to: 860.253.3016
  3. Via the Web 24 Hours a Day beginning March 30, 2015.                                             

Change of Schedule/Dropping Courses
Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policy

During the first week of classes, students may add or drop a course by completing an Add/Drop form available at the Registrar's Office. Students who want to add a course during the second week of school must obtain the instructor's signature if the course has met one full week.

For example, a full week is:

  • A split class that meets M/W or T/Th requires the instructor's signature prior to the third class session.
  • A class that meets once a week requires the instructor's signature prior to the second class session.
  • An online/hybrid class requires the instructor's signature* after one week from the first day of the semester.
  • An accelerated class (meeting less than 15 weeks) requires the instructor's signature after the first day of class.

Courses dropped during the first 14 calendar days from the start of school will not appear on a student's academic record.  Adding or dropping courses can only be done in person or by fax. Online add/drop is not permissible.

The final day that a student may withdraw from a course is 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes each semester. For accelerated courses, the withdrawal date will be prorated based upon the number of class meetings. A "W" will appear on the student's academic record. 

Before withdrawing from a course, students should discuss their decision with their instructor.  In addition, students are encouraged to meet their financial aid counselor before withdrawing from a course to determine if their financial aid package will be impacted.

* An e-mail from the faculty member may take the place of a signature.

Withdrawing from College

Sometimes a student finds it necessary to withdraw temporarily from college. Such an important decision, however, should be made known to a Student Services counselor.  It is in the student's best interest to have a personal interview prior to withdrawing. Withdrawals are accomplished by completing an Add/Drop Form and indicating withdrawal from school. In extenuating circumstances, such as hospitalization, letters of withdrawal will be accepted by the Registrar's Office. Financial aid recipients may be required to return a percentage of grant aid if they withdraw. 

Registrar's Office Mission

The mission of the Registrar's Office is to ensure the accuracy, maintenance and safekeeping of all student records, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). the Registrar's office is committed to providing quality service to our students, staff and faculty while supporting the overall mission of the College. Our services include: registration, academic transcripts, graduation certification, and enrollment verification and reporting.