Refund Policy


(for non-credit classes click here)

Course Cancelations (Credit Classes):

If the college cancels a course, you will automatically be granted a 100% adjustment of associated charges except the application fee.


Tuition, Laboratory & Studio Fees

  • If you officially drop prior to the St day of the semester - 100% refund
  • If you officially drop on the St day of the semester through the nth calendar day - 50% refund
  • If you officially drop/withdraw on the nth day of the semester or later - NO REFUND

College Service, Student Activity - NO REFUND


Extension Fees

Fees for Summer and Continuing Education non-credit courses.

  • If you officially drop on the last business day before the first class meeting or prior  -100% refund.  Requests must be made by Friday for courses starting Saturday-Monday.
  • If you officially withdraw on the day of the first class meeting or later - NO REFUND

Other Non-Refundable Fees

  • Application
  • Installment Payment Plan
  • Late Payment


*Policy Notes:

  1. Refund policies assume that all charges have been paid in full prior to drop/withdrawal.  In some cases, an account adjustment may not entitle you to an actual refund.
  2. You are required to officially drop class(Des) by the official deadline published each semester in the Refund Section of the Course Schedule.
  3. Refund/return of Title IV funds are made in accordance with applicable Federal rules and regulations that take precedence over college refund policies.


Financial Aid/Loan Students

If you drop or withdraw, you may be subject to a financial aid award reduction.  This can result in you personally owing money to the college.  Contact the Financial Aid Office at (860) 253-3030.


Installment Payment Plan Students

You may still owe a balance on your Installment Payment Plan even though you have reduced your course load or withdrawn.  Contact the Cashier's Office to determine the effect on your balance at (860) 253-3058.


All Students

Once the regular semester begins, the Registrar's Office requires you to make all schedule changes in person.  You will not be able to reduce your course load on myCommNet.


Policy Appeal Procedures

Students are required to officially drop/withdraw prior to submitting an appeal.

Appeals will only be considered for the following extraordinary circumstances; severe illness documented by a physician's certificate, administrative error by the college, or military transfer documented by a copy of transfer orders.

The following circumstances will not be considered: change in employment situation, inability to transfer course, normal illness, transportation issues, poor decision or change of mind by student regarding course selection, or dissatisfaction with course content or instructor.

All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Administration and include Banner ID, contact information and appropriate documentation.  Appeals must be received 10 days of official drop date of the course to be considered.


More Questions? We Can Help!

View your account and financial aid award, make payments, etc. at

Cashier's Office - (860) 253-3044

Financial Aid Office - (860) 253-3030

Registrar's Office - (860) 253-3017

Installment Plan Information - (860) 253-3058