Technology Studies: Wastewater


College of Technology:  Technology Studies - Wastewater (Certificate)
Offered at various Community Colleges system-wide.  The Wastewater certificate is a multi-campus program that responds to Connecticut's environmental needs, that is consistent with established state environmental requirements and standards, and that uses available resources most efficiently and effectively. The curriculum has been designed cooperatively with the Department of Environmental Protection so that the courses will best meet the needs of wastewater treatment plant operations in hiring new employees and in preparing current employees for class I and II wastewater certification examinations. The certificate offers students an entry into the College of Technology Technology Studies Pathway degree program through which a student can earn an associate in science degree and transfer all courses to Central Connecticut State University's environmental technology baccalaureate program.



Number Title Credits
BIO* 121 General Biology I 4
+ENG* 101 Composition 3
+CHE* 111 Concepts of Chemistry 4
CSC* 101 Introduction to Computers 3
+MAT* 137 Intermediate Algebra 3
Wastewater I
Wastewater II
Wastewater III
Wastewater IV
Minimum Total: 29

+ Prerequisite required

Program Type: