Manufacturing Welding Technology Fundamentals


The certificate provides detailed knowledge of welding principles as applied to modern manufacturing processes and applications.  It will provide the student requisite entry level skills necessary to welding in today's technological environment.  Students will be able to demonstrate equipment knowledge and competence in the performance of various welding processes/techniques.


Download the Manufacturing Welding Technology Fundamentals certificate worksheet.



Number Title Credits
+MFG* 105 Manufacturing Math II 3
+MFG* 124 Blueprint Reading I 2
+MFG* 128 Blueprint Reading for Welders 3
+MFG* 157 Welding I 3
+MFG* 257 Welding II 3
+MFG* 265 Welding III 3
+MFG* 266 Welding IV 3
Minimum Total: 20

+ Prerequisite required

Program Type: