Machine Technology Level I


The objective of the certificate program is to provide a primary level of essential skills and knowledge to individuals seeking a background in the machine technology profession. A prerequisite for entry into this certificate program is completion of Machine Technology Developmental courses MFG* 050, MFG* 051, MFG* 071, MFG* 080, MFG* 091, MFG* 092, and MFG* 093 or consent of the program director.

This certificate provides entry level skills to those seeking positions in machine technology environments. It provides the employment skills associated with a 780-hour, MACHINE TECHNOLOGY LEVEL I program.

The MACHINE TECHNOLOGY LEVEL I program is a prerequisite to the MACHINE TECHNOLOGY LEVEL II certificate program.

The credits earned in the MACHINE TECHNOLOGY LEVEL I and LEVEL II programs can be used for transfer into the Asnuntuck Technological Studies Associate in Science degree program (under the Machine Technology Option), and pathway to enter CCSU's School of Technology. 

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