Human Services (A.S.)


The Human Services program is designed to provide education and training for individuals seeking employment in various social service and educational settings. The program is also designed to provide a basis for those who choose to continue their education at other colleges.

The program offers an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills which will enable individuals to work in a variety of areas. There are specialization courses from which students may select, depending on their areas of interest.

Opportunities in human services are available in social service agencies, community action programs, day care centers, educational settings, in work with the elderly, and those individuals who may have emotional or physical problems.

Download the Human Services degree worksheet.

GPA 2.0 required

Human Services:
Number Title Credits
HSE* 101 Introduction to Human Services 3
+HSE* 241 Human Services Agencies and Organizations 3
+HSE* 281 Human Services Field Work I 3
+PSY* 212 Health Psychology 3
HSE* 236 Legal Issues in Human Services  


     General Education Requirements:
Number Title Credits
+ENG* 101 Composition
(Minimum Grade of "C" required)
  Any English course 102 or higher 3
COM* 173 Public Speaking 3
  Fine Arts (Choose one):  ART*, COM* 166, DAN*, DGA* 111, 128, ENG* 206, 207, 213, 263, 264, 281, 282, 285, 289, MUS*, THR* 3-4
POL* 111 American Government 3
POL* 112 State and Local Government  
PSY* 111 General Psychology I 3
+PSY* 133 Peer Counseling Training 3
+PSY* 143 Counseling Skills           
+PSY* 201 Life Span Development 3
+PSY* 245 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC* 101 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC* 190 Self and Others: Dynamics of Diversity 3
  MAT* 104 or higher (++ See Note Below) 3-4
  Science Elective (Choose one): AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EVS*, OCE*, PHY*
For transfer students, a lab science is recommended.
  Open Electives: Choose any additional three (3) credit courses numbered 100 or above. 9-12
                            TotalTotal Credits Required: 60

+ Prerequisite required
++ Transfer students should consult transfer institutions for course recommendations.

Program Type: