This program seeks to assist people in our region who wish to explore starting their own profit or not-for profit organization, or work in an entrepreneurial department of a larger organization.  This program intentionally contains elective courses for students in the arts, media, social services, education (or more traditional business fields) to develop their skills both in a field of choice and entrepreneurship. 


Download the Entrepreneur certificate worksheet.



Number Title Credits
BMG* 202 Principles of Management 3
+BMK* 201 Principles of Marketing 3
BES* 118 Small Business Management  
BES* 218 Entrepreneurship 3
+BBG* 294 Business Internship 3
One course in ACC*, or CSA*
Three courses with approval of the Department Chair++
Minimum Total: 24
+ Prerequisite required

++Three courses from the student's area of interest.  These will apply to different foundation requirements.  For example, if a student specializes in the Arts field, then the student will use a Fine Arts elective for a course, along with two open electives.  Should a student wish to concentrate in the media field, then the student may take either a course that serves as a Communications elective, or a Fine Arts elective, along with two open electives.

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