Communications (A.S.)


The Communications program is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills needed in this rapidly changing industry.  Students may choose the Communications A.S. degree, which provides a broad overview of communications, or they may specialize their studies with the Broadcasting or Journalism options.  The Communications program emphasizes hands-on experience in the classroom, through internships, and in the Radio Practicum course.  This program is intended for students wishing to transfer to four-year schools to further their studies and complete baccalaureate degrees. 


Download the Communications degree worksheet.


2.0 QPArequired

Number Title Credits
_COM* 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM* 121 Journalism I 3
COM* 131 Audio Production 3
COM* 241 Television Production 3
+COM* 295 Internship I  
+COM* 191 Radio Practicum (1 credit)  
COM* Elective 1-3
+CST* 150 Web Design & Development I 3
DGA* 128 Digital Photography 3
THR* 107 History of Film 3
A minimum of six credits from the following:
ART* 141 Photography I 3
+COM* 122 Sports Reporting 3
COM* 166 Video Filmmaking 3
COM* 200 Social Media Marketing 3
+COM* 232 Advanced Audio Production 3
+COM* 296 Internship II 3
One course from BBG*, BES*, BFN*, BMG*, BMK*, DGA*, THR* designation 3-4
Minimum Total: 28
Number Title Credits
+ENG* 101 Composition (*) 3
   * Minimum "C" grade required
+ENG* 102 Literature & Composition  
+ENG* 103 Composition II 3
COM* 173 Public Speaking 3

A Humanities Elective

Choose one course from:  ART*, CHI*, COM* 101, 121, 152, 171, 173, 204,

ENG* (101 or above), FRE*, GRA*, HIS*, HUM*, MUS* 101, 103, PHL*, SPA*, SGN*, THR*



Fine Arts Elective:
Number Title Credits

Choose one course from:  ART*, COM* 166, DAN*, DGA* 111, 128,

ENG* 206, 207, 213, 263, 264, 281, 282, 285, 289, MUS*, THR*



Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Number Title Credits
SOC* 190 Self and Others: Dynamics of Diversity 3

Two electives in this category

Choose two courses from:  ANT*, ECN*, HIS*, POL*, PSY*, SOC*


Math and Science:
Number Title Credits
+A Math Elective above MAT* 100

A Science Elective

Choose one course from:  AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EVS*, OCE*, PHY*

(For transfer students a lab science is recommended)



Open Electives:
Number Title Credits
Choose any credit course numbered 100 or above
Minimum Total: 61


+ Prerequisite required

Program Type: