Business Administration (A.S.)


The business administration degree and courses are designed to prepare students for work in either profit or not-for-profit organizations in the 21st century. Rapid changes in organizations are continuing to change the nature of work. This rapid pace of change will continue to provide many people in organizations with opportunities for challenging jobs. With reductions in the number of middle managers, many workers' jobs become more interesting as organizations provide opportunities for planning, working with others, developing new ideas, and implementing new concepts. Business courses are designed to prepare students for this exciting and challenging work environment. The business administration degree provides students with the flexibility to pursue personal interests. Students completing the degree may choose to transfer to a four-year college, move immediately into work, or combine work with further education. Business faculty are available to discuss course and career planning and strongly encourage students to seek out this counsel.

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GPA 2.0 required

Number Title Credits
*BMG* 202 Principles of Management 3
*+BMK* 201 Principles of Marketing 3
*BBG* 234 Legal Environment of Business 3
*ACC* 115 Financial Accounting 4
+ACC* 118 Managerial Accounting 4
Select TWO courses from among BBG*, BES*, BFN*, BMG*, or BMK*
A Computer Course (CSA*, CSC*, CST*)

NOTE:  Students are strongly advised to select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor, based upon the student's career interests and transfer institution requirements.

     General Education Requirements:
Number Title Credits
+ENG* 101 Composition
(Minimum Grade of "C" required)
BBG* 210 Business Communication  
+ENG* One other English course above 100  
COM* 173 Public Speaking           
SOC* 190 Self and Others: Dynamics of Diversity 3
+HUM* 185 Problem Solving and Decision Making 3
  Fine Arts (Choose one):  ART*, COM* 166, DAN*, DGA* 111, 128, ENG* 206, 207, 213, 263, 264, 281, 282, 285, 289, MUS*, THR* 3
  Science Elective (Choose one): AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EVS*, OCE*, PHY*
For transfer students, a lab science is recommended.
  Two Math courses MAT* 104 or higher
(++ See Note Below)
  Social and Behavioral Science Electives (Choose two): ANT*, ECN*, HIS*, POL*, PSY*, SOC*
Economics  is strongly recommended
  Open Electives: Choose from any credit courses numbered 100 or higher 7
                            TotalTotal Credits Required: 60

+ Prerequisite required
++ Transfer students should consult transfer institutions for course recommendations.


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