Business Office Forms

Internal Requisition Form
Payment Request Form
Travel Authorization Request Form

Curriculum & Standards Forms

Below are forms being piloted by the Curriculum & Standards Committee. The “Guidelines” document provides information on how to present a new course proposal or a course change proposal to C&S. The “New Course Proposal” and “Course Change Proposals” are templates to be used in presenting such actions to C&S. The completed “Sample Syllabus Form” should be included with a new course or change in course proposal to C&S.

Program Modification Proposal
Guidelines for the Presentation of a New Course or Course Change Proposal (Word doc)
New Course Proposal (Word docx)
Course Change Proposal (Word docx)
Sample Syllabus (Word doc)

Facilities Forms

Campus Improvement Form

Student Services Forms

Transcript Request and Affidavit Form
Financial Aid Appeal Form
Graduation Application
Registration Form
Add/Drop Form
Course Withdrawal Form
Activity Waiver Form
FERPA Release
Emergency Contact Form
myCommNet Quick Reference Guide

BOR Program Forms

Review of Proposals and Approval of Programs

Below Threshold for New Academic Offerings

Concept Paper for New Academic Program

Application for Discontinuation of Existing Program 

Application for Acreditation of Licensed Program 

Application for Modification of Accredited Program 

Application for New Program Approval