Academic Calendar


Spring 2017

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January 16 Monday   

Martin Luther King Day (College Closed)

January 17-18 Tuesday-Wednesday Professional Days
January 18 Wednesday Last Day for 100% Tuition Refund (General Fund) (SYS)
January 19 Thursday Classes Begin
January 25 Wednesday

End of Course Add/Swap Period

February 1


End of Course Drop period*
Last Day for 50% Tuition Refund (General Fund) (SYS)

February 15 Wednesday

Last Day to Change to/from Audit Status

February 17 Friday

Lincoln’s Birthday Observed (College Closed, No Classes Held)


February 18-19   Saturday-Sunday

College Closed, No Classes Held

February 20 Monday

Presidents’ Day /Washington’s Birthday Observed

(College Closed, No Classes Held)

March 6       Monday Last Day to Withdraw Without Instructor Permission
March 13-19         Monday-Sunday Spring Break (College Open, No Classes Held)
March 27 Monday Registration Begins for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017
March 30 Thursday Last Day to Apply for Spring 2017 Graduation 
April 5 Wednesday Last Day to Make Up Incompletes from Fall 2016
April 14    Friday Day of Reflection, College Closed, No Classes Held)
April 15-16 Saturday-Sunday College Closed, No Classes Held
April 17 Monday Last Day to Withdraw with Instructor Permission
May 4 Thursday Reading Day (College Open, No Classes Held)
May 8 Monday Last Day of Classes
May 9-15   Tuesday- Monday Final Exams
May 11 Thursday Awards Ceremony
May 18 Thursday Instructors’ Final Grades Due by 12 Noon
May 20 Saturday Final Grades Available Online at
May 25 Thursday Commencement, Class of 2017, 6:00 P.M.

* Students can change their schedules by adding and dropping courses through the first two weeks of the semester. An instructor’s signature is required for adding a class after the course has met for the equivalent of one week.