Advising & Counseling


Academic Advising


Academic advising is a partnership between student and advisor that empowers students to reach academic, career and lifelong learning goals. Through an educational process, students learn to make informed decisions to optimize their academic experience.

It is the students' responsibility to understand the requirements of his or her chosen program and to plan for their orderly fulfillment.  Each student is afforded the opportunity to work with an advisor in making decisions by which desired goals may be attained.  Though the advisor may be helpful, in every instance the responsibility for decisions remains with the student.


Who is my advisor?

Finding your advisor:

1) Log in to myCommNet at
2) Click the STUDENT tab
3) In Student self-service channel (box) select “Click here to access your student/academic records”
4) Select Asnuntuck Community College (if listed)
5) Click “Student Records”
6) Click “View Student Information”
7) Select the current term
8) Your advisors name will be listed under “Primary Advisor”

What should I do to prepare for an advising appointment?

Preparing for advising:

□ Contact your advisor to make an appointment.
□ Print an unofficial copy of your transcript from myCommNet
□ Update your degree program sheet and check for prerequisites on courses that you need to take
□ Write down questions you want to ask your advisor as well as graduation requirement issues that need to be resolved
□ Know when you are available to take classes.  Check the current course offerings.
□ On the day of your appointment, stop by the Information Center with a picture ID to get your student folder


Counseling services are designed to be an integral part of students’ total educational program. Upon acceptance, students meet with counselors, at which time they discuss academic and career goals and plan their first semester’s course work. The counselor’s first concern is for the student, not only in the academic area, but also in matters of personal and social adjustment, within and outside the academic environment.

Counseling Staff

Jill Rushbrook
Director of Counseling, Transfer Coordinator

Beverly Jemison
WIA/TAA Contact

Maki McHenry
Student Disabilities Services Coordinator


We welcome you to contact our Information Desk at (860) 253-3012 to arrange for an appointment with one of our Counselors.  Appointments are available weekdays (M-F) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Monday - Wednesday evenings until 6:00 p.m. Walk-in hours are held during registration periods which are typically from April to the beginning of September for Summer and Fall registration, and then from November to the beginning of February for Winter and Spring registration.

Personal Counseling

The distinguishing characteristic of counseling is its primary concern with the whole nature of student development. Some concerns that are brought to counseling include but are not limited to; academic issues and dilemmas; making life, career, and education decisions; developing self-confidence; managing stress and alleviating personal barriers to success in college. Referrals to outside agencies are made as needed.

Social Services Outreach

Asnuntuck Community College works with a variety of social service agencies in our area that provide support on many levels to the people in our service area.  Click here for a list of some of these services.

Student Disabilities Services

We welcome students with disabilities and seek to provide opportunities for a positive college experience.  Notification of a disability, with supporting documentation should be received prior to registration in order to determine appropriate and reasonable services, accommodations and implementation.  Individual services are consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act and are provided to each eligible student.  Students with disabilities are advised to contact Maki McHenry, Counselor and Accommodations Coordinator.

Transfer Services

Students intending to transfer should meet with their Faculty Advisor and the Director of Counseling, Transfer Coordinator, Jill Rushbrook, as early as their first semester. Once a program of study has been selected, students are encouraged to meet with the Transfer Counselor each semester to make sure they are fulfilling major requirements and enrolling in courses transferable to their chosen school(s). Please click here to visit the Transfer Services website for more information about the transfer process.