ACCUPLACER Basic Skills Assessment


The ACCUPLACER is an assessment tool developed by the College Board and is administered to all new students enrolling in a degree or certificate program in order to assess their academic skills in mathematics, English and reading. The results are used by advisors and counselors to assist with course selection and academic advising. You cannot “pass” or “fail”, but it is very important that you do your very best so that ACC will have an accurate measure of your current academic skills. This is not an admissions test. The assessment is untimed. On average, it takes approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours, so plan accordingly. It is important that students arrive on time for the Assessment.


Every student knows that studying reduces the anxiety and pressure associated with exam-taking. As with any test, Accuplacer results are strongly and positively related with the amount of quality studying done before taking the test. The following hyperlinked websites and study guides will provide you with both a better understanding of, and an opportunity to practice, the skills on which the ACCUPLACER will test you.

Who needs to take the ACCUPLACER?

You must take the ACCUPLACER Test if:

  • You are a new student enrolling in an ACC degree or certificate program;
  • You plan to register for a course with an English or math prerequisite;
  • You are a transfer student who has not earned a “C” or better in an English Composition and/or college-level mathematics course;
  • You are a non-degree student seeking to enroll in an English or math course; or
  • You elect to take a developmental course (to ensure proper placement).

You are exempt from the ACCUPLACER test if:

  • You are a transfer student who has earned a “C” or better in an English Composition and/or college-level mathematics course;
  • You have either an SAT Critical Reading or Writing score of 450 or higher, and/or an SAT Mathematics score of 500 or higher; or
  • You have an ACT English score of 21 or higher, or a composite score of 47 or higher on the ACT English and Reading test, or an ACT Math score of 18-21.

Any student who has a physical or learning disability, or other limitation necessitating special assistance and/or facilities for ACCUPLACER testing, should contact the Student Disabilities Services Coordinator, Maki McHenry, at (860) 253-3021.

When and where can students take the ACCUPLACER?





Tuesday 3rd                        1:00

Tuesday 10th                      1:00

Thursday 12th                     5:00

Tuesday 17th                      1:00

Thursday 19th                     5:00

Tuesday 24th                      1:00

Thursday 26th                     5:00 - CANCELLED



Tuesday 1st                         1:00

Tuesday 8th                         1:00

Thursday 10th                      5:00

Tuesday 15th                       1:00

Thursday 17th                      5:00

Tuesday 22nd                      1:00

Thursday 24th                      5:00

Tuesday 29nd                      1:00

Thursday 31st                      5:00



Tuesday 5th                         1:00

Thursday 7th                        5:00

Tuesday  12th                      1:00

Thursday 14th                      5:00

The ACCUPLACER is an untimed test. 

However, all tests start promptly in Room 212!


Please call the Admissions Office at 860.253.3010 to schedule a test session.         

To download a printable version of the Asnuntuck ACCUPLACER brochure, click here.