myCommNet Quick Reference Guide


To download a printable version of this page, click here

To View a Schedule of Classes -

  1. Under Public Resources (right side of screen) click Search for Courses
  2. Search by term (select the semester), by college (select Asnuntuck), and by level (select credit). Leave other fields as they default.
  3. Click “Get Courses”

New NetID Users

  • Your initial password is made up of the following:
  1. The 1st 3 letters of your birth month (the 1st letter is capitalized)
  2. The “&” symbol
  3. The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
    Example: Jan&6789
  • You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login. Please follow the guidelines given on how to create a Strong password.

Log in

  1. Enter NetID and Password
  2. Click on Student tab
  3. In Student self-service channel (box) click on “Click here to access your student/academic records”
  4. Select - Asnuntuck Community College

You are now at the Main Menu. This is the starting point for all of the instructions listed below.

Accessing your student e-mail account

  1.  Once you are logged into myCommNet, click on the Student tab.
  2. A Student E-mail Channel will appear with your assigned email address as well as important links, including a link to the Email Login Page.
  3. Once you've accessed the email login page, you will need to enter the same username and password you established to access myCommNet.

***NOTE: The College-assigned email address will be the official method for communication with students, so be sure to check this email often.***

The following links will provide further information on the student emails:

To Register

  1. Click - Registration & Payment
  2. Click – Register (Add/Drop classes) Enter CRN’s in boxes provided - click submit
  3. Make Payment Click on the Credit Card logos “Click Here to Pay” Fill in the Credit Card Information and payment amount

To Drop a class(es)

  1. Click - Registration & Payment
  2. Click – Register (Add/Drop classes)
  3. Find the class you want to drop
  4. In the box under “Action” select Drop/Delete Web
  5. Click – Submit Changes

To Get Grades

  1. Click – Student Records
  2. Click – Final Grades
  3. Select a Term – submit
  4. Final grades will display – can be printed

To Get an Unofficial Transcript

  1. Click – Student Records
  2. Click Unofficial Transcripts
  3. Select Transcript Level – submit
  4. Unofficial Transcript will display – can print

To Get an Official Transcript

  1. Click – Student Records
  2. Click Request Official Transcripts
  3. Follow the prompts and provide exact college name, office, and address where you want the official transcript mailed

To Get an Enrollment Certificate

  1. Click – Student Records
  2. Click – Request for Enrollment Verification
  3. Click – NSC Self-Service
  4. Click – Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
  5. Enrollment Certificate will display – can print.
  6. Click – Logoff. This will log you off the National Student Clearinghouse.

How to find your Advisor and Major

  1. Click – Registration & Payment
  2. Click – Check Your Registration Status
  • Select the current term
    The name of your advisor will be listed

Print a Schedule

  1. Click – Registration & Payment
  2. Click – Concise Student Schedule (be sure that you selected the correct term)

Updating your Email Address

  1. Click – Personal Information
  2. Click – Update Email Addresses
  • Insert or update “Personal Email”

Degree Evaluation

  1. Click – Student Records
  2. Click - Student Degree Evaluations
  • Select the current term and click the submit button
    Current curriculum information will appear
  • On bottom of page select “Click here to continue”
    If you select the “What If Analysis” this will give you the option
    of choosing a different degree/certificate.
  • Entry term – is the catalog term of when you matriculated into your
    degree/certificate program
  • Select degree or certificate program and click continue
  • Select first major
  • Click - “generate request”
  • Click – detail requirements and submit
  • An unofficial evaluation of course work will be displayed