Patricia O’Brien

I Remember:  Transforming Memories into Poetry

Using Joe Brainard's iconic book, I Remember, as a model, we'll be revisiting the details of our everyday lives using the time -honored poetic device:  lists!  Author Paul Auster says of I Remember, "In simple, forthright, declarative sentences, he charts the map of the human soul and permanently alters the way we look at the world.” We'll look at some basic guidelines for getting into the moment, read from I Remember, as well as several other poems which will serve to remind us of the importance of being present to the moment, as well as to our memories.  Participants will have time to write their own list/poem, to share their writing with the group, and to contribute to a group poem. This will be a lively, fun and vivid use of your own everyday experiences to create a poem which, like Joe Brainard's I Remember, is rich in its economy and, as Paul Auster says, can be both “uproariously funny and deeply moving." 

Biographical Note:  Patricia O'Brien  is a member of the Guilford Poetry Guild and recently co-founded CT River Poets. She's facilitated poetry workshops, including at York C.I. hospice program and Middlesex Community College. Pat's  been published in various  periodicals, including CT River Review, CT Review, Embers, Pulp Smith,  Fairfield County Magazine, Poet Lore, Caduceus,  Freshwater, Native West Press,  Red Fox Review and CT Review.  She's won several prizes, among them, from the Trumbull Arts Counsel, Embers, and, more recently, from the National Federation of State Poetry Societies as well as from the Acton Public Library in the town of Old Saybrook where she resides with her husband, John, and not too far from their three sons, their lively families and excellent partners.  She recently published her first book of poetry, When Less Than Perfect is Enough.


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