Greg Coleman

Enhancing Our Creativity: Labyrinths and Writing Poetry

When we write, we encounter times when our focus becomes murky, and the poem becomes difficult to write or complete. Using the labyrinths, we will work through that which may make writing the poem difficult or incomplete. We will create either a new poem or revise an old poem. Bring pen, paper, and poems that have faltered, and discover how labyrinths can help you with your creative process. At the end of the workshop, we will share our work with each other.

Biographical Note: Greg Coleman, MS, MFA, is the owner of Heartstone Labyrinths ™, LLC, a poet and writer, and a master labyrinth designer and artist who has created over one hundred Intentional Labyrinth™ designs, each with its own handbook that describes its intention and how to use it. The designs are created to help individuals and groups work with particular physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. He is a Reiki Master and teacher and a Registered Aroma therapist® who creates essential oil blends to accompany some of his labyrinth designs. He has created two forms of energy bodywork: Feng Shui Body Work™ and Intentional Labyrinth™ Energy Bodywork. He has given workshops in high schools and colleges, hospitals, and at wellness fairs in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, as well as at the gatherings of The Labyrinth Society, an international organization, and at the New England Labyrinth Guild. He lives in Moodus, Connecticut, where he creates new labyrinths, gives workshops, and works with individual clients.

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